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Sharing the Vision Gathering the Team

As you know CEM exists to start church-planting churches by recruiting and developing church planters, supporters and leaders. I'm excited to share with you that Drew and Amber Hanson just moved to Sioux City to start our newest CEM Church, Rallypoint Church.

As you know anything that is started needs a great root system in order to be healthy and grow. This is why we typically take a year to get the foundation ready before we start the church. For the first 6 months Drew will be networking with our churches and leaders around the state to raise start up funds for the launch. CEM provides our church planters salary for at least two full years as well as some start up funds. The biggest reason we have the church planter raise most of the start up resources is so that he can practice sharing the vision of his new church. It is vital that our church planters be ready to share what this new church will look like, in an effective way, to the people in the community where it will be located. I would encourage you to contact me (call / text (515) 802-5127) if you would be interested in having Drew share at your church or with your missions team.

When starting a new church you often start with just your own family and begin making connections with others to grow the team. The other 6 months Drew will be focused on gathering the launch team that will need to be in place for the church to start successfully. Essential ministries need to have leaders and structure to be able to meet the needs of the new people who will be coming to Christ and the new church. Some of the people in the launch team will be short term and stay a few months to get things started then go back to their home church. Others will stay and become a part of the church. The launch team will usually start meeting once a month for Drew to share vision and begin the process of planning and organizing the ministries that will be needed. Please keep praying for God to provide people to help become a part of the launch team for this church. If you know of anyone living in the Sioux City area who may be interested in helping be sure to let me know so we can get them connected to Drew. We are looking Fall 2018 for the start of the church. You can check out the churches website and Facebook page for more details.

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