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First Info Meeting Rallypoint

As you know CEM exists to start new church-planting churches by recruiting and developing church planters, supporters and leaders. We are excited that our newest church plant is getting ready to launch this September.

Being apart of starting a new church is one of my favorite things in this life. Drew and Amber Hanson had their first informational meeting about Rallypoint Church in Sioux City. It was a great experience this past Sunday seeing the 25 people come to Sertoma Park and hear Drew share about the new church coming this September. Having the meeting at a park in the context of a grill out made a great impact at connecting with the young families we are trying to reach. Several people showed interest not only in the new church but also are planning on inviting their friends to the next meeting. Drew will be trying different times and venues for each meeting to reach as many people as possible with the news of the new church. As more people show interest Drew will begin putting together his launch team in preparation of the new church starting in September.

There is a great need for a new work in Sioux City. At this time we currently don't have a CEM church in this large metropolitan area, which includes the corners of Nebraska and South Dakota that connect to the Missouri River. The population of the Sioux Land area is currently 106,315. Drew grew up in Whiting, Iowa and lived in Sioux City for a few years. He is well aware of the need for a church that can have an impact in the lives of many people who do not have a relationship with God through Jesus.

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20th Legacy Church in Olathe KS

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